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Ever wonder to yourself:

Well, wonder no more! Through musings on women’s stories and issues, financial health, career management, philanthropy, technology, entrepreneurship, lifestyle –  family, fashion, beauty, health and fitness, food, dance, and yoga, gapmuse will help you answer these questions and much more.

So C’mon Peek! No matter your age or background, together we’re sure to learn something, get inspired, and feel empowered.

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Why gapmuse? 

gapmuse was inspired by:

  1. My passion and belief in paying it forward and its power to transform lives – I deeply care about women’s stories and the issues that we encounter every day. My lifelong dream and mission are to educate, inspire, and empower women through my experiences and reflections on topics that I’m passionate about and ongoing conversations with family and friends that are relevant to women.
  2. My desire to acquire new skills applicable to my profession – I needed to learn how to use WordPress and to continue honing my storytelling and content creation skills.
  3. My love for writing  – I enjoy telling and sharing a good story.
  4. My wish to alleviate the stress that comes with juggling a busy life – the realization that doing something that I’m passionate about and love is a great way to reduce stress.

What’s in a name?  gap signifies my gap.  Growing up, my mother instilled in me that my gap made me unique, special, and beautiful.  Because of her wisdom, I have always believed that it’s an important part of who I am.  So even though some of society sees it as an imperfection, I embrace it with a sense of love and pride and refuse to change it.  Muse represents my reflections on all the things that excite me.

gapmuse about me photoTake a peek at me, Mbuki, founder of gapmuse

  • Champion for women – inspired by your ability to love, nurture, and pay it forward so you can improve not only your own life but also your entire community.  Go girl power!
  • Proud mama – the best and most important accomplishment in my life!  Love everything about motherhood.  Try every day to be a better mom
  • Product marketer – over 10 years of experience in product and digital marketing and still loving it!
  • Social media enthusiast and strategist – 7+ years developing and implementing social media strategy.  Awed by the power of social media and how it has revolutionized the way that consumers and brands connect.
  • Tech aficionado – more than 10 years in the software space.  Passionate about technology and innovation and its capacity to change lives and society if applied well.  Excited about the cloud, mobile, digital media, and AI.
  • Aspiring social entrepreneur – I dare to dream! My second most vital achievement is to start something that enhances the lives of women, especially girls and young women.  I continually immerse myself in all the resources that will allow me to attain my goal and wish to share them with you in this blog so you too can realize your dream.
  • Dancer – my oxygen!  Over 20 years dancing, mostly West African and Cuban Salsa (Rueda)!  I’m both a great lead and follower on the latter!  Next challenge, mastering the Argentine Tango!
  • Foodie – great host and cook (at least that’s what my family and friends tell me.)  I love to collect and curate recipes and try cuisines from different cultures.  Cook by sight and gut feel – rarely measure anything!
  • Fashionista – love everything about fashion!  Enjoy mashing up different fashion styles.  From classic and chic, to urban, boho, and girly, I’ve been known to try it all.  Love following trends but rarely indulge.   Oh, must not forget my fedora, bag, and good shoe fetishes!.  In the past year, I’ve been training myself to shop in my closet!  Try it, it’s quite fun and a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Health-conscious but not a nut about it – know a thing or two about eating healthy and staying fit.  Lost 14 pounds within a year and kept the weight off without a single diet or sit up!  Go planks!
  • Beauty comes from within – comfortable leaving the house without makeup or with just some lip gloss but occasionally love to get dolled up for that girls’ night out or special event!  I love to experiment with color, especially with eyeshadows.  Green and blue hues from Mac are to die for!
  • Yoga student – food for my mind, body, and spirit.  Eager learner.  Practicing for over a year and still humbled and in awe of my teacher and fellow students.
  • Pop culture – love to keep up with it.  It comes in handy, especially for marketers like me.
  • Love movies, a good book, The Wall Street Journal, all kinds of music, basketball, soccer, and tennis.  Not afraid to go to a movie by myself!
  • Can’t get enough of  So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, Oprah’s Next Chapter, Life Class, and Master Class, and Wall Street Journal Secrets of Wealthy Women.
  • Guilty pleasures –  Real Housewives of Atlanta and Country music!

That’s me in a nutshell…

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