Guess Who’s 1? Our HerCanvas Podcast! [Thank You for Listening!]

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We’re one baby! Can you believe it! Our HerCanvas podcast is one year old today! When I added “podcast” to my first-ever vision board 4 years ago, I honestly didn’t have a clue when I was going to find time to bring it to life. But then, the pandemic happened. Suddenly, we all had to stay home 24/7 with literally no where to go. It was then I decided maybe just maybe I could do this podcast thing! Who knew a year later we would be celebrating our one year anniversary!

With the help of good old Google, Youtube videos, a dear friend who had a podcast of his own, my daughters, and lots of bootstrapping, HerCanvas podcast was born. It was truly a family affair. My older daughter illustrated the cover art and my little one helped to select the podcast intro music. It was only fitting my first episode with a guest featured both of them discussing how COVID impacted their lives and how they were coping with it. The episode remains one of our most popular and one of my most proudest moments because we had to bootstrap our set up in my workspace (which also happens to be my bedroom), with only one microphone!

Click here to listen to the full episode with my daughters on how to stay positive and motivated during COVID.

Honestly, even though I was excited to launch, I didn’t anticipate the success we have had given my busy schedule as a working mom and my limited publishing schedule. My plan was to publish once a month, which has ended up being between one every month to 3 months. Despite this publishing challenge, I was able to achieve much more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you to everyone one for tuning in and getting us to this milestone. Much gratitude to my guests for gracing me with your presence and making the podcast a success! Without your help none of it would have been possible.

Here’s a peek at our podcast achievements from this past year. We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane with us.

1. Published 9 Insightful Episodes

Despite having to stick to a limited schedule, we’re extremely proud to have been able to publish 9 amazing episodes for our frist season! We’ve covered, beauty, mental and emotional health, personal finance, intimacy and pleasure, and much more. Topics range from how to improve your mental well being, how to keep your clean, how to stay motivated during COVID, how to get rid of debt, how to build investments, how to maintain breast health, and much more.

2. Featured 7 Phenomenal Guests

Collage of women who are featured guests on the podcast

Throughout the year, we’ve had the pleasure and honor to welcome seven phenomenal women from different generations and backgrounds to talk about topics that matter to women. We’re grateful to these women for sharing their expertise, insights, and knowledge! Because of you, more women have inspiration to live their best lives.

3. Achieved more downloads and subscribers than we could ever have imagined

Whether it’s this blog, our gapmuseWomen Facebook Community or HerCanvas Podcast, our mission has always being the same; to educate, inspire, and empower women. Whether it’s one woman or millions, we would be happy because it means we have potentially impacted one woman’s life in a positive way. Imagine our excitement when we started to see hundreds of women downloading our podcast episodes! They have been our motivation to keep going despite the challenge of not having enough time to publish more episodes. Because of their support, we’re on target to reach our 2021 goal!

4. Listeners across 6 continents – NA, SA, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania

Who would have thought that podcast idea manifested 4 years ago and bootstrapped to launch would be attracting listeners from 6 continents! It is a testament to always dream because you never know how much of an impact you may have on the world around you.

5. Listed on 6 major podcast distribution channels

Getting approval to be featured on some of these platforms is no joke. The requirements for some of them…ahem…can you guess which ones can be daunting. Even with crossing all the t’s and dots, it took 6 months to get approval from Pandora! Luckily, we had already been listed on the major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and iheartradio. It made the waiting to get approval more bearable.

6. Rave reviews from our subscribers

The biggest validation came from our listeners who had amazing things to say about our podcast’s impact on their lives and communities. They are the fuel that keeps us going!

Listen and subscribe to HerCanvas today to get your answers to the questions that matter most to you, and ultimately, find the inspiration to live your best life.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and iheartradio.

Want to know how I was able to make my podcast dream a reality? Listen to my 6 step process in video below.

Want to be a featured guest or maybe you have a topic you want us to discuss. Click here to connect with me.

Thank you again to everyone who has tuned in to HerCanvas. We see you and we appreciate you. 🙂 Here is to another year of sharing the inspiration to live your best life.

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