6 Things to Make Mother’s Day Special For Mom During COVID-19 [+Video]

“But I’m always with you.” That’s what my mom always says to me when I tell her I miss her and wish she could be with me. They are the same words she used to comfort my brother on the phone 18 years ago when he was terminally ill, confined in a hospital thousands of miles away, and worried he would not be able to be with her. I remember vividly hearing her tell him that if he closed his eyes and visualized her presence, he would realize she was right there with him. Though an extremely sad moment for me to witness, I couldn’t help but notice he became calm and less fearful.

“But I’m always with you.”

It wasn’t until many years later when I become a mom myself I realized the full power of those words and what she meant. There is not a moment that goes by without me thinking about my two young daughters. I carry them with me wherever I go and in whatever I do. So sometimes when my girls say they miss me or “don’t know what they would do without me,” I repeat, “But I’m always with you.” Sure enough, my words have the same calming and soothing effect they had on my brother and me.

Because that’s what mothers do. They give us comfort when we most need it. Ease our fears with a few gentle words, and make us feel safe when we’re insecure.

This Mother’s Day, it’s our turn to return the favor. With COVID-19 keeping us away from visiting our moms, we must ensure they’re not lonely or feeling isolated.

Here are 6 things to make your mom feel loved, safe, and connected to you:

1. Send her flowers

You know your mom’s favorite flowers. Why not make her day by ordering online and having them delivered to her door. You’ll not only make her smile but also provide much-needed support for small businesses during this COVID-19 crisis.

2. Send her an online gift card

Buy her an online gift card from her favorite restaurant. Many restaurants are offering delivery during COVID-19 either directly or through services like DoorDash or Postmates. It’s an awesome way to make her feel special and to help local restaurants pay bills and employees.

3. Make and share a collage of your favorite 2019 memories with her

This one is simple but leaves a memorable impression. Since we take lots of photos on our phones, use an app for your iOS or Android phone to make a collage of your most memorable 2019 moments with your mom, and share it with her and include a special note. There are plenty to pick from, such as Photogrid and Pic Collage. Send the collage over text, email, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to get it to her instantly. If you have more time, you can frame it using photo-sharing and printing services like Shutterfly and mail it directly to her.

4 Record a special video message for her

You can record a video on your phone with you or you and your family and share how much she means to you. And if you have children, let them deliver a special message to her as well. She’ll be thrilled not only to see you but also her grandkids!

This Mother’s Day, we’re asking the women from our gapmuseWomen Facebook group to share a video telling us why they’re celebrating their moms on Mother’s Day. We want to honor their moms right along with them and to inspire others to celebrate their moms in the same way. Here’s what I had to say about my mom.

Why are you celebrating your mom on Mother’s Day? Please share in our comments section below so we can celebrate her as well.

5. Treat her to a Virtual Sunday Brunch

Don’t let the COVID-19 crisis and quarantine stop you from enjoying your traditional Mother’s Day brunch. Make mom feel special with a Virtual Sunday Brunch from the comfort of her home. Order brunch for both of you from her favorite restaurant and have it delivered to her house and yours at a particular time. If delivery is not available, many restaurants are offering curbside pickup so you can drop it off at her house if she’s close by. You can also opt to create your own delicious brunch foods at your house. Don’t forget to deliver her favorite drink too! Invite the usual suspects (the same folks you invite during ordinary times), share a Zoom link, give them instructions to order their brunch from mom’s favorite restaurant as well (or have them create their own foods at home), and get your party going! For tips on how to host an incredible virtual brunch for mom, click here.

6. Buy her a gift

Think of something she could use to keep her positive and motivated during her shelter-in-place and send it to her. Maybe she loves cooking, scrapbooking, or gardening. Whatever it may be, this Goodhousekeeping list gives you plenty of options to choose from.

The COVID-19 crisis has been tough on all of us. Just a few months ago, it would have been unthinkable to celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine. Yet, here we are. Though a sad reality, it’s also a reminder to cherish those times we have the freedom to connect with our loved ones in person.

Being far away from each other does not mean we cannot express our love in a meaningful way. Small gestures like sending flowers, an online gift card, recording a special message, creating a memorable collage, hosting a virtual brunch, or sharing a gift can make all the difference.

Let’s also be reminded that no matter how far away they are, our moms are always with us.

Any more ideas on how to make Mother’s Day special during quarantine? Please share.

Super inspiring!

Happy Mother’s Day to our wonderful gapmuse moms! Hope you have the fantastic day you deserve.

Be inspired.

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