Happy Anniversary gapmuseWomen! [Amazing Moments from our Community!]

Unbelievable! Has it really been one year since we started gapmuseWomen, as an extension of our blog? One year ago, it dawned on us that we needed to create a safe community for women to connect, collaborate, engage, and thrive together. Fast forward to today and we’re flawed by how much has happened ever since.

From growing our community and engaging in empowering conversations, to going on spectacular adventures and learning from workshops and group resources, our community has far exceeded our expectations and reminded us of the power of sisterhood. How time flies!

Here are our most memorable moments and accomplishments from our amazing community:


Grew our community to nearly 100 members! We welcomed women from all age groups and diverse backgrounds because we believe in the power of inclusivity and that our sisterhood is enriched by it.


Organized two memorable hiking events and one personal finance workshop

1. Mt. Diablo Hiking Adventure

We organized this event to one of the most picturesque and breathtaking mountains to help us kick off the spring. Our 2-hour hike did not disappoint! We couldn’t get enough of the spectacular landscapes, blooming spring flowers, awesome views, and great company. We topped off our hike with a picnic lunch where our 10 members got to learn more about each other and discuss the stuff that connects us all together. We came away rejuvenated, with a bigger sense of sisterhood and a renewed zest to take on the rest of the year.

3 Women enjoying the view at Mt. Diablo

2. Angel Island Hiking Adventure

After the overwhelming success of our Mt Diablo hike, we couldn’t wait for our summer adventure!  This time around, our members selected the gorgeous Angel Island for our hike. Everything worked in our favor on our hiking day.  From the beautiful weather, relaxing ferry ride to the island, to the stunning scenery and vibrant energy of our 11 members, we felt delightful.  Our mission has always been to bring women of diverse backgrounds, ages, cultures, and perspectives together in sisterhood to laugh, learn from each other, and to inspire and support one another. We achieved all of this and more on that day. 🙂

Image of women hiking at Angel Island overlooking the 3 San Francisco bridges

5 women on a Ferry on their way from Angel Island having a conversation

3. Personal Finance Workshop

Organized with the help of one of our members, Caff n’ Cash, was our first-ever personal finance workshop with an amazing 30-year financial expert from Charles Schwab. During this invaluable session, we got insight into topics our members wanted to learn most about. These included how to build wealth, how to select investment options, how to budget, how to save for retirement, plus, how to measure financial wealth, set investment goals, and save for kid’s college.

Image of woman and man having a discussion at a personal finance workshop

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Created 4 Learning Units to provide tools and resources our members shared they needed to help them get the most out of our community.  Many of the resources within the Learning Units were created in collaboration with our community!


Engaged in hundreds of vibrant and meaningful discussions centered around the things we care about most, such as career management, giving back, personal finance, and women’s issues. Our most popular topics include:


  • Celebrating our achievements
  • Celebrating the achievements of notable women
  • Women who inspired us throughout the year
  • Empowering quotes

Image of Author Toni Morrison with the quote


Career Management

Giving Back
Women’s Issues
  • Nasa’s all-female spacewalk
  • The loss of one of our most beloved writers, Toni Morrison
  • Passing of New Hampshire Law requiring all public schools to provide free menstrual products
  • 2019 Women’s March in Oakland
  • Countries our girlfriends are from (in honor of International Women’s Day)
  • Michelle Obama’s Becoming Book and Tour

Young woman holding up a sign marching during 2019 Women's March in Oakland, CA


Personal Finance

  • Personal finance topics we care most about
  • Personal finance workshop
  • Our major sources for financial advice
  • Hiking events
  • Our favorites – movies, restaurants, spring destinations, recipes, era, summer vacation spots, Christmas activities, holiday songs, TV shows, books, and places to travel between Christmas and New Year
  • Bucket lists
  • Self-care on Mother’s Day
  • Holiday moods
  • Friday and weekend guilty pleasures
  • Our favorite books
Huge thank you to our members!  Without you, our community would not be possible! You continue to enrich, empower, and enlighten us, and inspire us to continue doing what we do.  Thank you for liking and commenting on our posts. Thank you for sharing your own posts, and adding to our recipe, vacation, restaurant, and non-profit collections. Thank you for answering our polls and taking our surveys. Thank you for inviting your friends and family and helping us grow our community. Most of all, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend our personal finance workshop and two glorious hikes. We appreciate your support and sisterhood. 🙂

We’re excited for the year ahead and have a feeling that with our combined passion and dedication to our community, we will continue to accomplish great things.

Be inspired.

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