36 Valuable Financial & Investment Resources for Women

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Did you know that women live 5 years longer than men?  This longer life expectancy has two key implications for us:

  • We will need more money and healthcare, and
  • We have to prepare differently for our future

According to a women’s and financial wellness report by Merrill Lynch, women not only live longer than men but also end up being the caretakers of their spouses/partners.

Keeping this information in mind, we compiled an ultimate list of 36 financial and investment resources to help you better manage your finances and prepare for retirement. They include websites, blogs, podcasts, online newsletters, and online/offline classes. The good news is the majority of these resources are free and easily accessible online.

Here are 36 valuable financial and investment resources to help you successfully prepare for your future:


1. Wall Street Journal:

2. Yahoo Finance: https://finance.yahoo.com

3. Ellevest: https://www.ellevest.com

4. Annuity.org: https://www.annuity.org

5. Mint: https://www.mint.com

6. Digit: https://digit.co

7. Fiscal Femme: https://thefiscalfemme.com

8. Women World Banking: https://www.womensworldbanking.org


9. AffordAnything: https://affordanything.com

10. The Financial Diet: https://thefinancialdiet.com

11. Daily Worth: https://www.dailyworth.com

12. My Fab Finance: http://myfabfinance.com/blog/

13. Clever Girl Finance: https://www.clevergirlfinance.com

14. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds: http://www.girlsjustwannahavefunds.com/blog/

15. Wiserwomen.org: https://www.wiserwomen.org


16. What the Elle?: https://www.ellevest.com/newsletter

17. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: https://www.kiplinger.com

18. HerMoney with Jean Chatzky: https://www.jeanchatzky.com


19. HerMoney with Jean Chatzky: https://www.jeanchatzky.com/podcast/

20. AffordAnything with Paula Pant: https://affordanything.com/podcast/

21. So Money with Faroosh Torabi: http://podcast.farnoosh.tv

22. Stacking Benjamins: https://www.stackingbenjamins.com

23. The Fairer Cents with Kara Perez and Tanya Hester: https://thefairercents.com

24. Brunch and Budget: https://brunchandbudget.com/podcast/

25. Listen Money Matters: https://www.listenmoneymatters.com/show/


30. Udemy:

31. Coursera:

32. Alison (All Free):

33. Purdue edx:

34. Wellesleyx:


35. Berkeley:

36. Stanford:

Hope these resources will be as valuable to you as they have been to us.

Have your own to add to our list? Please share. The more we have to go around, the more empowered we will be.

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Be inspired.

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