gapmuse Best of Mother’s Day: 5 Years of Celebrating Motherhood

Dance drop off at 11am; complete science project with little one (3 weeks in!); practice her presentation; grab a snack; help teen with hair and lashes for spring concert; get little one and me ready to go watch concert; grab dinner with family, start kids’ laundry (at 10pm!) so I can finish it before the end of Dance completion season banquet tomorrow. Finalize science project folder and practice presentation again; finish laundry; have breakfast; do my teen’s hair and lashes for second show…breathe! Look fab for banquet (with 5 hours of sleep); pick up teen to head to a banquet; arrive at a banquet, smile, put on a good attitude, and get a much-deserved mimosa! Tired yet? Sound familiar? That’s me this past weekend.

And just when I was thinking motherhood is overwhelming, exhausting and sometimes a thankless job, this happened:

Yes, motherhood can be overwhelming and exhausting but it’s also the most fulfilling experience. And every so often, our little ones remind us that’s it’s the best job in the world with unsolicited, tear-jerking and heartwarming gestures.

It’s in these moments that we pause and remember why we dedicate every waking moment of our lives to our children.

Celebrating Mother’s Day once a year is a lovely gesture and we love and appreciate it. But taking a cue from our little ones, we’re reminded that moms deserve to be honored at any time during the year for all the hats they wear and sacrifices they make for their children and families. They’re chauffeurs, chefs, referees, housekeepers, personal assistants, organizers, therapists, nurses, and much more. In a nutshell, they’re the COOs of their families who make sure everything runs smoothly.

Over the past 5 years (can you believe it’s been that long!) we’ve celebrated and honored gapmuse moms with humor (who can forget our mom who sent her kids to school with empty lunch boxes! :-)), appreciation, ideas on how to take care of themselves, and more.

In case you missed it, here are our best moments.

Hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane.

1. Why Every Mother Should Have a Life Outside of Her Children [Without Guilt]

It’s back to school again (can you believe it!) and you’re busy juggling your kids’ schedules, last minute shopping, transportation, lunches, and anything else that needs to happen for a successful school year. Some of you may be sending your kids to pre-k or kindergarten, some to elementary, while others to middle school or even high school.

For moms in the latter category, you’re probably starting to grapple with the idea of becoming empty nesters. Yikes! And if you have an 8th grader or high schooler, you might even be feeling like one already since he or she may have declared their independence and spends less time with you.

It’s a scary thing to go through. One minute you have this little person hovering around you and hanging on to your every word and the next, you have a young adult. Read on…

 2. An Unforgettable Spa Experience In Tuscany…Well Sort Of [Pictorial Edition]

Collage of photos taken at Kenwood Spa

Okay, so let’s be honest, actually going to Tuscany would be much better! Now that we’ve cleared that up, we can muse about our memorable spa experience a few Saturdays ago at Kenwood Inn and Spa, a quaint, beautiful, and “Tuscanesque” (made up word) hotel in Sonoma.  But instead of our usual, we’re going to let our pictures tell you our story because quite simply, they’ll do more justice. Read on…

3.6 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself this Mother’s Day [Because You’re Worth It!]

Image of woman relaxing outside a cafe fountain

Let’s face it, we all like to feel special, especially on days dedicated to us. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any major milestone, we’re programmed to expect to do or get something to make us feel good.

And we don’t stop there. See, most of us (and I’m guilty here) anticipate that this special or good feeling will come from someone else – a bouquet of flowers, chocolates (yum), gift card to your favorite spot, a surprise party, a diamond ring, or whatever else we fancy – either a loved one or dear friend. Read on…

4.9 Hilarious Things Working Mom’s Do

Busy Mother Working With Daughter

You get home and cannot for the life of you remember how you got there. Sound familiar? You’re probably overworked, sleep deprived, and overextended mom. You play wife, mother, chauffeur, chef, scheduler-in-chief, house cleaner, laundromat, peacemaker, career woman, and more on a typical day. So it’s no wonder you end up doing things that only other moms can completely understand and not pass any judgment. We set out to discover what those things might be by speaking to real working moms and drawing from our own experiences. Read on…

5. 10 Most Valuable Lessons from My Mother

Image of my mom and me - Remembering my mother on mothers day

As I celebrated this past Mothers Day weekend, I couldn’t help but think about my wonderful mother and reflect on what she has meant to me and all the valuable life lessons that she has taught me.  Although it’s great that we dedicate one day a year to revere our mothers, I feel compelled to honor my mother all the time because I couldn’t be the wholesome woman I am today without the sacrifices that she made and the continuous nurturing that she gave to me.  Read on...

6. Spa, Wine & Cheese

Image of Villagio Spa concierge and shop

Change! Ah, the mere mention of it elicits fear and a bunch of what ifs! No surprise there, though. We’re creatures of habit. Doubtful? Try changing a baby’s regular routine and see how well that goes for you. I guarantee that you’ll have one cranky little tot.

We follow the same morning routine, go to the same cafe, sleep on the same side of the bed, drink the same number of cups of coffee (or in my case tea) each day, and the list could go on forever. Why? Because familiarity feels safe. We love to know what’s coming next so we can prepare for it and be able to deal with it. Read on…

7. Every Woman has a Story: 9 Powerful Lessons from Maya Angelou’s “Mom & Me & Mom” Book

Maya Angelou's Mom & Me & Mom Book

Everyone has a story despite their success or stature in life! Who would imagine by looking at Maya Angelou and all her accomplishments that she had been abandoned as a child by her mother, survived a near-death experience in the hands of a boyfriend or had her first and only child at 17?

Reading about her life story and relationship with her mom reminded me of an encounter I had when I struck a conversation with a fellow dancer a few months back. This poised, friendly, and seemingly happy woman shared with me that three months prior, she had lost her grown son in an accident and a few months after, her husband had succumbed to cancer. I remember thinking to myself how glad I was to have smiled and been kind to her. Just like Maya, she was a reminder of the incredible resilience that women possess and capacity we have to push through life no matter what it throws our way. Read on…

8. Why Every Woman Should Treat Themselves to The Spa At Least Once a Year

Treat yourself to a spa day and rejuvenate yourself!

“If I died now, I would be happy!”  These are the words my sister uttered three hours into our spa day experience this past weekend that got me thinking that surely every woman deserves this feeling at least once a year!  Not only did I share the same sentiment, but also wished that the sensation would last forever.  You see, three years ago, my sister and I made a commitment to dedicate one day of the year to the spa (typically Mothers Day weekend in May due to the great spa deals.)  first to admit that we hardly have tons of money to throw at this kind of luxury, usually associated with celebrities and the well to do, but we feel strongly that it is important for us to recharge so we can survive the daily stresses of life! Read on.

Hope it was as much fun for you taking a peek back at our Mother’s Day journey as it was for us.

Happy Mother’s Day gapmuse moms!

Thank you for everything that you do today and always. ❤

Be inspired.
















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