5 Of Your Most Popular Quotes That Got Us Through The Past 3 Months

What keeps you going when life gets tough? We all have our own unique ways of dealing with the day to day trials that come our way. The good news is that as long as our strategy is positive, we’re more likely to succeed and to find a happier place.


As we mused in our most recent quarterly roundup post published a couple of weeks ago, the past three months were a bit more challenging than we expected. It would have been easier for us to wallow in bitterness, cynicism, despair, and negativity but we know how much that sucks the life and energy out of us.  Don’t get us wrong though, we did allow ourselves to have a pity party every so often but it was short lived. We even had a few insomnia afflicted nights, but hey, that’s human.

We handled this tumultous time with the usual suspects – exercise, dance, yoga, positive thinking, and focusing on the things we could control – but added some inspiring words to go along with it.

Judging by by how much you liked and shared these words, we’re assuming that they were helpful to you too.

Here are your most popular quotes that got us through the past 3 months.




Do you have quotes that you’ve relied on to get you through hard times? Share with us and our readers so we too can be inspired.

Have a great holiday season gapmusers! Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner?

As always, be inspired. 😃

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