6 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself This Mother’s Day [Because You’re Worth It!]

Let’s face it, we all like to feel special, especially on days dedicated to us. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any major milestone, we’re programmed to expect to do or get something to make us feel good.

And we don’t stop there. See, most of us (and I’m guilty here) anticipate that this special or good feeling will come from someone else – a bouquet of flowers, chocolates (yum), gift card to your favorite spot, a surprise party, a diamond ring, or whatever else we fancy – either a loved one or dear friend.

But shoud it really? Must we rely on another person to make us us feel good or special? A few years ago, my answer might have been “both”; i.e,  depend on yourself and your loved ones.

Image of woman relaxing outside a cafe fountain

Today, I aspire to a totally different philosophy; you do not have to look outside of yourself to feel special. It’s okay to embrace acts of love and kindness from those around you (look at it as icing on the cake) but it ends there. You’re solely responsible for making you feel good. After all, don’t you know yourself better than anyone else to recognize what makes you tick or happy?

With this philosophy, you accomplish two things, (1) you challenge yourself to identify what you need to feel special, (hello creativity!), and (2) you eliminate any sense of disappointment from those closest to you since you have no expectation of them to do anything for you.

Why I’m sharing all of this now? Because Mother’s Day is looming and of all the people who need that special feeling, mothers top the list! They give over 100% of themselves everyday, all the time to ensure their kids and families thrive.

Now you’re probably wondering,  with everything you have to do as a mom, where are you going to find time to think of, let alone do something special? The answer is quite simple: you make time! But you need not do it alone.

Our 6 simple tips will help you figure out the ways you can pamper yourself this Mother’s Day without much effort.

1.  Head to the Spa

Every year for the past 5 years, I’m eager for May to come along because I can’t wait to plan our annual Mother’s Day spa day. It’s become a must have adventure for my sister and I. Why? Because we never visit the same spa twice and we always venture as far away from where we live as possible (but within driving distance.) We’ve visited the most lovely spas, typically located in the wine country area of Sonoma county, such as The Villagio Spa and The Lodge at The Renaissance Resort & Spa. This year, we’re heading to a Tuscanesque (made up word) spa, the Kennwood Inn & Spa.

Woman standing with her arms stretched out at a hotel spa lobby

On top of the world!

You might think it takes a lot of time to find these quaint and exciting locations but spending just 30 minutes (remember our 30 minute rule) within a span  of 2 to 3 days is all you need. What about the cost you might ask? Well, it’s surprisingly reasonable. Plus most spas offer a Mother’s Day special to reduce your expense.
Some spas like the one at Kenwood Inn run their special for the entire month, which works out nicely for my sister because we rarely visit the spa on the day itself. We usually go 1 or 2 weeks after to avoid the crowds and to really enjoy our spa experience.

2. Get a Mani/Pedi

Don’t you just love having your nails and toes well groomed! For me, it’s an opportunity to squeeze in just a couple of hours of me time – no demands, no schedules, no hassle. It’s a time to enjoy the self massaging chairs, rid my feet of all the tiredness of day to day life, read a book or just chill.  Not too much to ask for busy moms!

Image of 3 manicured pair of hands and pedicured feet


3. Get Your Hair Done

Whether it’s a new hairdo, hair cut or just a simple blow out, a 2 to 3 hour outing to the hair salon screams “fabulousness!” Plus, it’s the place to catch up on the latest pop culture topics, trends, and chatter, laugh a little, and come away with a true sense of sisterhood.

Side view of smiling woman with her hair all done up


4. Have Sunday Brunch with Family

Why should any mom have to cook on Mother’s Day? We can all agree that she needs a day off from the kitchen. Every year we head out to our favorite Sunday brunch spots (we have 2) to splurge on a mimosa, bloody mary, waffles, eggs benedict, beignets, omelets or anything else we fancy. There’s no better way to feel special than hanging out with those closest to your heart. We come away feeling satiated, happy, and ready to take on the challenges of the week.


5. Go for a Girls Night Out

Every girl needs to let loose every so often. So go ahead, this Mother’s Day, glam yourself up, put on your favorite outfit and step out with your girl/girls.  In my case, it happens to be my baby sister (well not so baby anymore), whose laughter, exuberance, and love of life is infectious!

Image of two beautiful women smiling and posing at a restaurant

6. Get Some Retail Therapy

Do you ever head out shopping for yourself only to return with bags full of things for your kids? Well, it’s time to go out and treat yourself to something special just for you. Most spas have little boutiques that carry the most unique merchandize so I typically pick up something on my way out.  Last year, I scored the most beautiful long summer dress!

Woman posing inside a boutique

It’s no surprise that whenever most of us achieve anything big or small, the first person we thank is mom. It’s never lost on us how much our mothers sacrifice to ensure that we have a better life. And it should not be lost on you, wonderful, mothers either! So what are you waiting for? This Mother’s Day, heck, any day this month, treat yourself to something special because you’re not only worthy, but also deserve it! 😘

What do you have planned this Mother’s Day? Share with us so we can add it to our “pamper me” list.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our gapmuse moms!

Be inspired.


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