10 Transformative Principles Women Should Commit to in 2016 [+Video]

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You’re probably wondering why we’re musing about commitments for the new year when we’re already into the 3rd month of the year? After all, shouldn’t we have our goals or in my case, themes for the year locked and loaded by now? Maybe. But who says there should be a time limit on when we decide to make a change? Whether it’s in the beginning, middle or end of the year, meaningful change is good at anytime.

Oh, and honestly, life just got in the way. Don’t you just hate it when you get so overwhelmed that you can’t dedicate time to the things you love? For me, it’s not having time to share musings with you on this blog or to dance. I recently came across this quote from the late and phenomenal Maya Angelou, which reminded me that no matter what life throws at you, you must persevere and make time for the things you love.

Image of Maya Angelou with Quote: Persistence: All great achievements require time.

Stay with it gapmusers and you will prevail.

It inspired me to go back to my 30-minute rule (hey, we all stray sometimes), which if you recall from this past musing on our blog,  asks us to dedicate just 30 minutes everyday to doing something that we love or achieving a dream.

This year, we’re not only committed to finding the time for our passions, but also to the principles that will help us transform our lives in a meaningful way.

Here are the 10 principles that will change your life in 2016:

1. Saying no

There’s nothing more empowering than the ability to say no without any apologies or regret.  Just try it once and you’ll see what we mean.  Oh, and while at it, check out this WSJ article on how to make it one of your personal policies for the year.

2 Radical Candor

To put it simply, you must be willing to be honest with those around you – family, friends, colleagues –  with one big caveat; if you’re going to be blunt with someone, you must also care personally about them.  Even though this strategy is geared towards the workplace, you’ll find that it’s applicable in other relationships in your life.

3. Finding your thing

What’s your thing? Go out and find it or take it back!  It’s that thing that you love to do the best that’s just for you. But it’s not just enough to find it. You must make the time and space to do it.  You’ll guarantee yourself something to fall back on when whatever role you currently play in your life – spouse, mother, partner or other is not so prominent in your life any longer.

4. Being Bold

Yasss! Have the courage to go out and achieve your dreams! Don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of what you want to accomplish with your life. Never be afraid to ask for what you want or demand for what you deserve. The universe will give you what you put out and what you ask of it.

Quote from Steve Maraboli that says "Don't let other people's opinions distort your reality. Be true to yourself. Be bold in pursuing your dreams.

Be bold gapmusers!

5. Feminism

We all deserve to be treated equally…period!  This message comes through so clearly from Chimamande Ngozi-Adichie, one of our most inspiring women  of 2016.  She does a wonderful job of conveying (both in her book “We Should All Be Feminists” and Ted Talk in the video below) why it’s important for all of us – women, men, girls and boys – to be feminists.  Radical idea, yes, necessary…absolutely!  Equality will not happen until we all understand and agree that it’s a fundamental right for all.  If you haven’t read her book, you must.

6. Reflection

If you don’t take stock of where you’ve been, you’re walking blindly.  We cannot do better without knowing better.


7. Forgiveness

Because it’s too heavy a burden to carry.  To be honest with you, I struggle with this one so I understand that it’s much easier said than done.  Luckily, I have the most wonderful and wise woman, my mom, to help me through it.  Due to her ability to forgive, I have come to believe that nothing is unforgivable and witnessed the power and peacefulness forgiveness brings to your soul.  Want to know more about how to forgive, check out Iyanla Vanzant’s New York Times best selling book “Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything.”

Image of Iyanla Vanzan's Best Selling Book, Forgiveness

8 Gratitude

It’s easier to focus on what’s wrong with our lives and ignore the good things that happen around us.  As Oprah Winfrey so eloquently reminds us “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

9 Paying It Forward

We don’t have to have much to impact someone’s life in a positive way.  This past December, we were able to support Distributing Dignity, an organization that helps disadvantaged women and girls gain access to feminine hygiene products and new bras so they can maintain their dignity.  Through the help of family and friends, we were able to exceed our fundraising goal ($1,000) in just 3 short weeks.

10 Being Creative

Find quiet time for yourself and do nothing…yes, I said it, be idle because the biggest enemy to your creativity is too much productivity.  Your best ideas will come to you when you’re most at peace.  Oh, and did I mention that it doesn’t need to be a long stretch of time.  You can even apply our 30 minute rule here.

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With all that’s going on in our lives, it’s easy to forget the things that are most important to us.  Every so often, we need something or someone to remind us to dedicate some time to ourselves and to the things that make us better.  Our challenge is to make that commitment. Are you ready for the challenge gapmusers? Go ahead, say no, be candid, find your thing, be bold, be a feminist, be reflective, be thankful, give back, and be creative! It will transform your life in unimaginable ways.

Is there anything else you think we should commit to this year?  Please share with us and our readers.  We’d love to hear from you.

Be inspired.




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