gapmuse 2015 Year In Review: 6 Things That Inspired Us The Most

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We hope that your year was as interesting and as fulfilling as ours!

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s that time of reflection again! Okay, so maybe I say that every end of year but seriously, the year just flew by! So much happened to us, though, as I imagine to you too.  Some of it was really good, some mediocre, some tragic, some challenging, and some…well we’re not too sure how to describe it (so we won’t.)

Overall, we accomplished quite a bit and came away feeling a little wiser, grayer (discovered 2 strands!), stronger, and most importantly like a better version of ourselves.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the experiences that made us feel that way; our 2015 year in review:

1. We turned 2!

Who’d have thought when I started this blog that we would survive and thrive to our 2nd birthday! We couldn’t have done it without your support and we thank you for it!

Women's issues, health, tech, business, fashion & style, food & drinks, yoga, beauty, social media, entrepreneurship, inspiration, motivation, & more - we've got you covered!

Women’s issues, health, tech, business, fashion & style, food & drinks, yoga, beauty, social media, entrepreneurship, inspiration, motivation, & more – we’ve got you covered!

2. We reached some major milestones!

  • Published 25 musings (147 since our inception) despite a tragic and personal loss.
  • Connected with nearly 1000 fans on our social media channels – thank you for engaging with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and more. We appreciate you for sharing, liking, favoriting, repining, commenting, and retweeting our posts.  We love sharing our discoveries with you and listening to your opinions and ideas!
  • Continued to reach fans across the globe – we’re thrilled that we get to educate, inspire, and empower women and girls in over 100 countries! From North and South America, Europe, and Asia, to Africa, Australia, and beyond, we’re reminded that we’re all inspired and empowered by the same things.
World map representing our gapmusers' locations across the globe

100+ countries and counting – U.S., Brazil, Kenya, U.K., India, France, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Japan, and more!

3. Knocked something off our bucket list

It was exhilarating to do our very first trail ride while on a much needed vacation at Lake Tahoe. It didn’t hurt that we were privy to a random bear sighting while on our way to the ranch!

Woman on a white horse

My very first trial ride with my gracious horse, Murdock

4. Hosted our very first DIY princess party!

Who knew that we had a Martha Stewart in us!  We put our DIY skills to the test and came out swinging! The party was a hit with both our tiny and grown up guests!

Collage of table set for a tea party, fruit platter, apple-turkey tea sandwiches, and pink rose flower centerpieces

Getting my Martha Stewart on!

5. Supported, Distributing Dignity, an organization that brings dignity to less fortunate women & girls

Reached 112% of our fundraising goal (over $1,000) in just 3 weeks! Thank you to all our donors for helping us bring a little dignity to less fortunate women and girls. Want to know more about this wonderful organization and to offer your support? Click here.

6. Published musings that resonated deeply with you

From tips on how to find inspiration during tough times, motivate your kid to master a skill, and have soft skin like a baby’s, to the women that inspired us the most, family games for the holidays, and hilarious things that working moms do, you let us know what you liked by making these topics the most popular on our blog.  We appreciate you for reading and commenting on our musings and most of all for following our blog.  We promise to continue publishing topics that educate, inspire, and empower.

Looking back, we can’t help but be thankful for all that we were able to accomplish.  Even though we published fewer musings than the previous year, we were sill able to actively connect with you through our social networks.

Thank you for sticking with us throughout the year! It’s tough to stay inspired when you loose a loved one.  In my case, saying goodbye to my dad zapped my inspiration and happiness. By giving me a place to share my musings and by sharing, commenting, liking, and engaging with our posts, you helped me find that inspiration again.  I still have a long way to go but I’m confident that if I continue to do what I love; inspire women and girls everywhere, and dance, I will get back to my most inspired and happy place.

Here’s to you finding your own happy and inspired place today and in the new year gapmusers!

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays! And may the new year bring you all that you want and more! 😃

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