Rejuvenate Your Spirit [The Pictorial Edition]

Woman smiling in a celebratory pose

Beautiful cabin!

Typically, our blog posts have more words than pictures. Well, in this piece, we decided to share our musings through photos taken over a 5-day period while on a much needed vacation at North Lake Tahoe  4 months ago. Why? Because sometimes a picture can inspire you to take action more than words.  So here goes…

We’ve all been there! You wake up one morning and realize you’ve changed (and not in a nice way either!) You have a short fuse, lack patience, become easily frustrated, and if you’re a parent, yell at your kids more often than not (hey, we’re human so no shame admitting it here!)

Even worse, things you love to do become less enjoyable, your mind is cluttered, and everything about you (mind, body, and soul) feels disconnected. You’re less creative, new ideas are hard to come by, and having passion for anything is almost impossible.

How, you ask do any of us get here?  For most of us, it’s a lack of taking time away for ourselves. It’s that simple! In my case, it was 5 years without any vacation. Yes, I went for the occasional out of town wedding or graduation but let’s be honest, those are really never vacations!

So about 4 months ago, I’d had enough.  I decided that it was time to do what I should have done at least 4 years prior – take much needed time for myself.  Little did I know that I would come back rejuvenated, spirited, and with a zest for life that had been missing for quite some time.  If I could reignite my spirit in such a short time period (and without breaking the bank), I’m sure you can do it too!

Here are 7 tips to help you rejuvenate your spirit:

1. Step away from your daily routine

Collage of Lake Tahoe cabin

Rustic, spacious, and lovely!

View of Lake Tahoe and the mountains from a cabin

Spectacular views!


2. Go to a place that offers you what you love

Collage of woman on a horse, Emerald Bay and beach at Lake Tahoe

Enjoying our favorite things – trail riding, beaches, lakes, and mountains.

Image of the woods

Love the woods!

Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Unexpected sightings!


3. Check off something from your bucket list

Woman on horse back

My gracious horse, Madison.

Image of a woman standing next to her horse

Thank you Madison! What a great ride! 🙂

Two women horse riding on a trail at Lake Tahoe

And away we go!

People riding in a horse carriage

Our first carriage ride.


4. Shut it all off – read your favorite book, relax, catch up on your sleep



5. Be present

Take in your surroundings, meditate, be there for your loved ones, unplug from electronics

Woman sitting next to a statue

Well, hello! Hey, silliness is good for you!

Woman celebrating in front of the Olympics logo at Squaw Valley

We love history…and the Olympics!


Image of a woman with two young children



6. Reflect

Devote time to take stock of your life – to be thankful for all that is right, hopeful for all that is challenging, and forgiving to yourself and those around you.

Woman standing on Lake Tahoe beach looking out into the mountains.

A beautiful moment of reflection.


7. Take a stacation

Take a few days after your vacation to organize yourself, tie any loose ends, and ease yourself back to your daily routine.



These are in no way novel ideas. But with our increasingly demanding and hectic lives, they get lost in the shuffle and we often need a reminder.

Every woman deserves to dedicate time to herself so she does not loose her essence. Whatever role you play in your life – mother, sister, daughter, aunt, wife, girlfriend or more,  you’ll do it better when you take good care of yourself first.  So go ahead and just do it!

Woman in a celebratory pose standing in front of Emerald Bay!


Be inspired.

Special Note

My dear gapmusers, you’re probably wondering why I’m only now publishing this post yet my vacation to Lake Tahoe was 4 months ago. Well, I started writing this one week before my dad passed away.  Truthfully, I don’t know how I would have survived through such a painful experience if my mind, body, and spirit were not in the right place.  Going to Lake Tahoe was the best choice I made without knowing what lay ahead for me and my family.

Yes, I’m still heartbroken but my spirit remains strong.  My strength comes from knowing that I had him for as long as he lived, his undeniable love for me, my siblings, his grandkids, and all those around him.  I am thankful to know that his spirit was strong until the end and that he is now resting. May his wonderful soul rest in peace.

It’s been a difficult journey so far and finding inspiration to share musings with you has been tough.  I expect that it’ll take a while but being able to finish and share this post is proof that the process has begun.

Thank you for your patience gapmusers. Despite us sharing very few musings in the past few months, you’ve stuck with me. I’m truly grateful. 🙂




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