Milestones, Reflections & More

Happy Anniversary gapmusers! Yup! We’re officially 2 years old and can hardly contain our excitement! We’ve come a long way together and we thank you for taking this journey with us.

Peeking back, it’s amazing to think that I started this blog to help me get through a really difficult patch in my life. Fast forward to 2 years later, it’s hard to believe but gratifying to know that it’s now weaved into my life and hundreds of you who follow us on our blog and social media everyday.

It has done more to educate, inspire, and empower me plus women and girls from all over the world and surpassed my expectations. I certainly could not have achieved this milestone and many others without you, gapmusers. Yes, you did it!

We’ve been through a lot and mused about many things.  From getting inspired by remarkable women, finding courage in tough times, managing transitions, and reclaiming our power, to achieving amazing milestones, we came away stronger, resilient, hopeful, and ready to conquer the year ahead.

Here are our most memorable moments of the past 2 years:

1. Over 130 Musings 

Even though our publishing schedule slowed down quite a bit in the last year (hey, life got hectic), we’re proud to have shared 134 musings with you. Our only hope is that somewhere along the way, you found something to educate, inspire, and empower you.

Women's issues, health, tech, business, fashion & style, food & drinks, yoga, beauty, social media, entrepreneurship, inspiration, motivation, & more - we've got you covered!

Women’s issues, health, tech, business, fashion & style, food & drinks, yoga, beauty, social media, entrepreneurship, inspiration, motivation, & more – we’ve got you covered!

2.  Over 700 gapmusers across our social channels!

We grew our gapmuse family to over 700 on social! Thank you for connecting with us and for your continued support gapmusers! We’re truly grateful.

3. Universal Connections

We inspired and empowered women and girls in nearly 100 countries across the globe proving that the need for both is universal. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, we’re all weaved together by our common experiences and desire for a better life for ourselves and those around us.

World map representing our gapmusers' locations across the globe

100+ countries and counting – U.S., Brazil, Kenya, U.K., India, France, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Japan, and more!

4. Fashionable Discoveries 

Who knew that when we discovered and shared these culottes from a Wall Street Journal article that it would resonate as much as it did with you. To date, you have re-pinned it a whopping 1800 times!  We were so inspired by your enthusiasm that we shared some tips on how to rock a pair. Click here to read more.

5. Passions in Common

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that you love fashion and food just as much as we do. Thank you for making our Fashion & Style and Food & Drink Pinterest Boards your most popular. We’re listening and promise to  keep bringing you more of the latest trends, fashion and style tips, and fun and adventurous ideas for your kitchen. So be sure to stop by every now and then. We promise to keep you looking fab and eating right.

6.  Changes Galore

We went through many changes, some triumphant, others heartbreaking.  We moved, threw our first DIY fairy tale party, knocked some things off our bucket list, lost loved ones and welcomed new ones.  Through it all, we came away stronger, wiser, perhaps with a few more wrinkles, but more empowered.

Image of red rose with quote "Transitions in life can offer opportunities for discovery provided we are open to random encounters and serendipitous events

We survived our move!

Collage of table set for a tea party, fruit platter, apple-turkey tea sandwiches, and pink rose flower centerpieces

Getting my Martha Stewart on!

Woman on a white horse

My very first trail ride with my gracious horse, Murdock

Two women on horse back on a trail ride.

And away we go! Knocking trail riding off my bucket list! What a beautiful experience!

Scenic view of Lake Tahoe taking from the top of a horse riding trail

Breathtaking view from the top of the trail!

As we venture into our 3rd year, we can’t help but be excited about what lies ahead and to share our experiences with you. Our only hope is that we continue to inspire and empower you, even in the slightest way.

Be inspired. 🙂

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