What Disability? Farida Bedwei Dared to Dream Big & Succeeded [+Video]

Happy International Women’s Day gapmusers! Today, we celebrate a phenomenal woman, Farida Bedwei, a Ghanaian software engineer and successful tech entrepreneur, who despite having cerebral palsy, dared not just to dream but to dream big!

She not only created a financial app, gKudi, that is transforming lives in Ghana, but is also giving back to children with similar disabilities so they too can have a chance to be successful. Through her support, she has brought hope to these families by showing them that having a disabled child is not the end of the world.

She exemplifies grace, courage, creativity, empathy, and all the qualities that we strive to be as human beings.  And through her book “Definition of a Miracle,” reminds us that people who are disabled do not need our pity but deserve to be treated as equals and given the same opportunities afforded to all.

Photo of Farida Bedwei, Ghanaian Software Engineer and Tech Entrepreneur

Photo: CNN.com

We are truly inspired.

Have a great week. And as always, be inspired.

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