7 Books to Help You Nurture & Strengthen Your Relationships this Valentines Day & Beyond

Since Valentines Day is tomorrow, we thought a peek back at our last year’s Valentine’s post would be helpful to you.

Whether you’re celebrating new found love or a long term commitment, these seven books will give you the invaluable tools you need to nurture your relationship on Valentines Day and beyond! Plus they make a great gift for your loved ones too!

Have a great Valentines Day gapmusers!

And as always…
Be inspired.

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Love is in the air! Unless you’re from Mars, it’s hard to miss since everywhere you turn, you are inundated with Valentines Day commercial messages urging you to declare and show your love  with some type of gift or other?

Although I applaud the notion of dedicating one day to celebrate the love we feel for the special person or people in our lives, I truly believe that the relationships we treasure should be celebrated everyday with or without a gift.  After all, a simple kind or thoughtful gesture towards those we love is sometimes all that is needed to make them feel valued and loved.

Love is like a plant. Without nurturing, it is sure to wither away and eventually die (I know, drastic, but true!) With that philosophy in mind, here are 7 books that will help you nurture and strengthen the relationships that matter most to you…

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