4 Spicy Chicken Wings Recipes that will Delight Your Super Bowl 2015 Guests

What are you serving this Super Bowl Sunday? How about DIY spicy chicken wings to delight your family and friends? We thought we would republish this post from last year’s Super Bowl because these spicy chicken wing recipes are just as yummy today as they were in 2014.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday gapmusers!

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Image of Spicy Siracha Chicken Wings My DIY yummy spicy sriracha chicken wings for Super Bowl 2013!

Forget about heading to your local store to buy your favorite chicken wings! How about changing things up with DIY spicy chicken wings that are sure to surprise and might I declare, delight your guests this Super Bowl 2014 Sunday?

I must admit, Iā€™m not an avid football fan (hoops and soccer girl all the way) but I do love the frenzy and excitement that surrounds Super Bowl Sunday! Who can resist the quirky and sometimes funny commercials, occasional goose bump inducing anthem performance (think Whitney Houston) or wardrobe malfunction? Plus, the laughter, trash talking with family and friends, and the oh so good traditional, heart-stopping game day food ā€“ pizza, nachos, chips, dips, yummy chicken wings ā€“ and beer to go with it spells fun!

This year is the same but with a slight twist. gapmuse

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