5 Things gapmuse is Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving gapmusers!

Happy Thanksgiving gapmusers!

Wow! Is it really Thanksgiving already? Is it just me or does it feel like just the other day we were salivating and pondering over these gapmuse Thanksgiving recipes. I honestly feel like I just published this post! Be sure to check it out. You might find great unconventional ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Truth be told, I’m not quite ready or feel like thinking about the holidays! Maybe I’m resisting our consumerist culture, which  every year seems to be forcing us to start thinking about it earlier and earlier. Seriously, this year, some retailers took it to another level and had stuff out even before Halloween (sigh!)  Alternatively, it could be because I just went through a really costly transitional period and don’t want to spend any money for a while. Whatever the reason, all I know is that I could use a month or two more before I have to think about it.

Even though I don’t like the pressure (warranted or not) that comes with the holiday season, I do like the idea of been thankful not just during Thanksgiving, but whenever possible.

Here are the 5 things gapmuse is thankful for this Thanksgiving and beyond!

1. We Turned 1!

Yesssss! We reached our 1 year milestone and shared our excitement with you by shouting about it right here.

Image of 2 Champagne glasses with the number 1 between them

Happy Anniversary gapmusers!

2. We Hit Our 100+ Posts Milestone!

Despite having a rather challenging and hectic year navigating through a major transition, we published 116 posts!

Collage of Thanksgiving dinner setting, fierce woman, Sheryl Sandberg at Dreamforce 2013 and young girl playing a piano

116! Thank you for reading, liking, sharing, re-blogging and commenting on our posts gapmusers! You inspire us!

3. Our Fans!

Thanks to you, we grew our fan base! We have more blog followers and readers, nearly 300 fans on our Facebook page and many more fans on our other social media hangouts, including Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.  You can even find us now on Tumblr and SlideShare and soon you’ll be able to check out gapmuse videos on our Youtube channel.  If you haven’t linked up with us, follow us when you have a moment. You’re guaranteed to find something that will educate, empower, and inspire you.

Photo collage of gapmuse fans

We heart you gapmusers!

4. “Look At These Gorgeous Blogs”  Wordpress Feature!

Just 7 months after launch, we were featured in the WordPress Look at these gorgeous blogs section of the site’s Theme Showcase!

Screenshot of gapmuse as it was featured in WordPress Theme Showcase

5. Inspired Women!

Last but most importantly, we accomplished our gapmuse mission of educating, inspiring, and empowering women:

“Just wanted to say thank you for your transition article on gapmuse…we should be moving soon and right now it is all so blurry…so basically the article was timely.” – Esther M. 

“Thanks very nice quotes. Especially the first one. I might print it and put it on the wall as a reminder for the whole family.” – Anna C.

“That’s a nice and insightful presentation! Thanks for sharing.” – Neha S. 

“So nice …I needed this today!” – Eve. W

“Thanks for sharing . I’m going to download all three!” – Monique C. 

How about you? Have we inspired you this year? Plus share what you’re thankful for. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Thanksgiving gapmusers!

Be inspired.

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