SlideShare – How to Motivate Your Child to Practice & Master a Skill During the School Year

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School is well underway! You’re glad you’ve disposed of your back to school to do list, and you’re finally settling into your daily routine.  We would imagine that for many of you, that includes getting your kids back into their extracurricular activities. And we get that this can be challenging for both parents and children as they adjust to the new school year — new  grade, teachers, and sometimes even a new school.

Amidst all the chaos, you’re probably wondering; how do I get my children excited about their activities and keep them motivated throughout the school year?

Our answer…with our 9 SlideShare tips! We converted one of our most popular gapmuse posts published during the back to school season last year into a SlideShare presentation. Why?  To give our busy gapmuse moms and dads a quick glance at 9 easy ways to get their kids to practice and master a skill during the school year.  Think of it as your inspiration cheat sheet for your kids!

And if you can spare a few minutes, check out our full blog post. We promise that it’ll be as helpful and relevant to you today as it was for our readers last year.

Know anyone who would find these tips helpful? Please go ahead and share…we won’t mind!

Have a wonderful school year!

Be inspired.


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