Be Stylish in 5 Simple Steps [+Video]

Not too long ago, I heard someone say that the body is like a canvas and I’ve got to say I really liked the thought of it.  The idea is that every morning when we wake up, we decide how we want to paint our canvas and express ourselves to the world with our choice of clothes.

But if you’re like me, sometimes you just can’t quite figure out how to get going and could appreciate some help from an expert like your very own personal stylist (I wish!) Well worry no more because in this video, historian, skilled dressmaker, and author of “The Lost Art of Dress,” Linda Przybyszewski, shares:

5 Simple But Insightful Tips On How to Paint Your Canvas Stylishly and Effortlessly:

I’m sold! You?

Image of the Book Cover for The Lost Art of Dress

Have a great weekend gapmuse fans!

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