Pleats, Fedoras & Eggs – What Could They Possibly Have in Common?

Image of a fedora, pleated skirt and colored/decorated Easter eggs

They’re 3 of your most popular pins on our Pinterest page! Want to know more? Check them out in our Fashion & Style and Food & Drink Pinterest Boards.



And in the event you get hungry for more while there (we welcome your curiosity), why not browse our Beauty, Health & Fitness, Work & Family, Women, Social Media, Entrepreneur, and Technology boards, plus much more! It’s easy! Just click anywhere on the image below to start following the board/s that interests you.

Image of gapmuse Pinterest boards

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You just never know what good stuff you might find…like a killer recipe for your Easter brunch this Sunday (that’s of course if you celebrate the holiday.) Β And if you don’t, heck, why not change things up anyway and delight your family or friends with a tasty meal?

Have a great weekend, gapmuse fans and to those of you celebrating Easter, hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Stay inspired.



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