Pleats, Fedoras & Eggs – What Could They Possibly Have in Common?

Image of a fedora, pleated skirt and colored/decorated Easter eggs

They’re 3 of your most popular pins on our Pinterest page! Want to know more? Check them out in our Fashion & Style and Food & Drink Pinterest Boards.



And in the event you get hungry for more while there (we welcome your curiosity), why not browse our Beauty, Health & Fitness, Work & Family, Women, Social Media, Entrepreneur, and Technology boards, plus much more! It’s easy! Just click anywhere on the image below to start following the board/s that interests you.

Image of gapmuse Pinterest boards

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You just never know what good stuff you might find…like a killer recipe for your Easter brunch this Sunday (that’s of course if you celebrate the holiday.)  And if you don’t, heck, why not change things up anyway and delight your family or friends with a tasty meal?

Have a great weekend, gapmuse fans and to those of you celebrating Easter, hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Stay inspired.



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