5 Most Popular gapmuse Posts of the 1st Quarter of 2014

Image of a beautiful yellow rose

Don’t you just love the Springtime! Sun, beauty, and positive energy all around!

Yes! Spring is in the air! The sun is shinning, flowers are blooming, Spring cleaning is underway (or at least on our agendas), and we’re feeling energized! Yet, I still can hardly believe that we’re through the first quarter of the year, well into Springtime, my favorite season (sans allergies), and fast approaching our blog’s first year anniversary! Wow! How time flies! Peeking back, I must say it’s been a super hectic yet productive 3 months.

We mused over a rather dissappointing Super Bowl, celebrated the oh so commercialized Valentine’s day,  explored online privacy for both kids and adults, honored women around the world who have inspired and empowered us in history, and much more. Judging by the popularity of the latter, it was obvious that you were celebrating these women right along with us.

As we head into the second quarter of 2014, we couldn’t help but look back at other musings that excited you. Here are your 5 most popular musings of the quarter: 

1. 6 Women from 6 Continents Who Inspired gapmuse this Women’s History Month & Beyond

Image of Warrior Woman in honor of Women's History Month Let’s be honest, life just gets in the way sometimes of doing the things that we love and are most passionate about! For me, that means the inability to publish to this blog regularly and missing out on doing what I love to do the best; educate, inspire, and empower a girl, young woman, or woman somewhere in the world. But c’est la vie (hey, my high school French pops up every so often!)  Read more…

2. 4 Spicy Chicken Wings Recipes that Will Delight Your Super Bowl 2014 Guests

Image of Spicy Siracha Chicken Wings Forget about heading to your local store to buy your favorite chicken wings! How about changing things up with DIY spicy chicken wings that are sure to surprise and might I declare, delight your guests this Super Bowl 2014 Sunday? Read more…

3. 5 Apps to Protect Your Kids Online Privacy [and Yours]

Image of little girl with an iPad - National Campaign Inspires a Movement to Keep Kids Safe Imagine leaving your house on a Saturday morning with someone following your every move (without your consent) as soon as you walk out the door! They tag along to your neighborhood cafe where you always get your favorite cup of coffee, local department store to pick up that dress or shoe that you’ve been eying for a while, and even eavesdrop on your phone or text conversation with your friend over where to meet up later for lunch. Creepy right? Read more…

4. 9 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Practice and Master a Skill During the School Year 

Image of a child playing the piano - Inspire your kids to practice and master a skill during the school year

Motivate and inspire your kids to enjoy practice!

New school year, new school, new grade level, backpacks, lunch boxes, clothes, uniforms, shoes, school supplies…yes, it’s here! The busy back to school season when you’re running around (literally for some of us) sometimes with your children trying to compile everything they need before school starts. And for most parents, it’s also the time that new sessions for your after-school children’s activities kickoff. Read more…

5. 7 Books to Help Nurture & Strengthen Your Relationships this Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Book cover image of Love Sense by Dr. Sue Johnson Love is in the air! Unless you’re from Mars, it’s hard to miss since everywhere you turn, you are inundated with Valentines Day commercial messages urging you to declare and show your love with some type of gift or other?  Read more…

I am eager to see gapmuse continue to blossom and to take you along for the ride so together we can continue to learn, find inspiration, and get empowered.

As always, thank you for visiting my blog and inspiring me to do what I love to do most.

Here’s to a great Spring and a productive second quarter of the year!

Stay inspired.

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