Be Bold, Seductive & Fierce…in Animal Print

Bold, Seductive and Animal Print - Breathtaking View of the Bay Bridge


Wow! I can’t believe a week has gone by already! It was so hectic and fast that I didn’t get around to publishing Museback Fridays (it’ll be back in full swing next week) and celebrating my birthday last Saturday as I always do with a beautiful night out in the city and great company felt like it just happened!

For the special night out and without much thought, I decided to wear one of my favorite animal print dresses, not because it’s a Fall fashion 2013 trend but because I felt like it. It turns out I haven’t worn the dress in a couple of years!

While getting ready, it dawned on me that for my past two birthdays, I have worn something with animal print in it. Even more surprising was the realization that I wore the exact same dress two years ago (yes, I repeat a dress for the same occasion once in a while)! Coincidence? Perhaps, but I’d like to think that it’s subconscious. You see, I love celebrating my birthday so whenever it comes around, I’m overcome with a certain sense of self-confidence and fearlessness that makes me feel unstoppable! Could it be that my choice of animal print is my way of augmenting how I already feel? I believe so! After all, what other print can make you feel more bold, seductive and fierce?

Bold, Seductive and Animal Print

Bold, Seductive and Animal Print

Fashion trend or not, I love animal print! It’s classic, provocative, and timeless. Plus, I believe you should be able to wear whatever you like as long as you carry it with self-confidence, look good, and feel fabulous about yourself in it. So go ahead, the next time you want to feel bold, seductive, and fierce, try some animal print, it just might surprise you.

Bold, Seductive and Animal Print - Amazing View of the Bridge from the Restaurant

Amazing view!

Do you wear animal print? What’s your favorite print?

Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!

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