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Girls on Fire…In STEM!

Know a girl or young woman headed headed back to school?
How about a peek back at four phenomenal women who changed the world in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology, and Math (STEM)? Yes, young women and girls are more than capable of pursuing careers, thriving, and transforming the world in STEM! And they don’t have to look very far for inspiration!

  1. Science

    Patricia Bath – first African American woman to receive a patent in the field of medicine. Invented and patented the Laserphaco Probe to treat cataracts. Her invention helped people who had been blind for 30 years to be able to see again!

  2. Technology

    Grace Murray Hopper – invented COBOL, the first user-friendly computer software program.

  3. Engineering

    Josephine Cochrane – developed the first practical dish washer.

  4. Math

    Marie Curie – mathematician and physicist and first woman to win the Nobel Prize in physics for her work in radioactivity. She discovered X-rays.

Let’s make these women and many others who made an impact in STEM household names just like Einstein so young women and girls have role models to motivate them to achieve greatness in STEM.

What do you say? Are you in?

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Happy Friday!

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