Be Inspired by Beauty

Beautiful butterfly

I can hardly believe that it’s Saturday already!  I meant to publish this post earlier in the week but as always, living life got in the way!  It’s a short pictorial musing inspired by my exciting experience at the Academy of Sciences last weekend.  It served as a great reminder that beauty is all around us and if we just took a moment to take notice, we may be inspired or simply escape the daily grind and enjoy life a little.

Sketch inspired by beautiful bird in my back yard.

Sketch inspired by a beautiful bird in my back yard.

Interestingly, this dose of wisdom is not lost on the littlest of people.  Recently, I asked my little one what she was sketching in her fashion book (she loves fashion!)  She answered that she was creating a dress inspired by a bird that she noticed outside that made her think of a peacock.  She thought that the patterns and colors on the bird would work well on the dress!  Just like the Academy, she reminded me that  finding inspiration is easier than we imagine!  It just requires awareness and the ability to recognize and appreciate all the free things that nature has to offer!  Funny how you loose that as you get older!

As you peek at these photos, take a cue from a little one and find motivation in the beauty that surrounds you to accomplish something that you’ve been thinking about or just take a breather from your daily hassle!  It could be that person you know with a beautiful spirit, your garden, your kids, or whatever else that’s around you that you believe is beautiful.  After all, beauty is subjective so your options are endless!

Happy Saturday and enjoy your weekend!

Breathtaking beautiful butterfly


Beautiful bird enjoying lunch!

Lunch time!

Colorful and beautiful bird

So colorful!

Beautiful park surrounding the California Academy of Sciences

Beautiful park surrounding the Academy of Sciences

Beautiful backdrop at the California Academy of Sciences

Enjoying the beautiful day!

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  1. Love this article because I believe we are soooo caught up in our daily lives unfortunately that we simply forget the beauty that surrounds us!

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