Why Every Woman Should Treat Herself to a Spa Day at Least Once a Year

Treat yourself to a spa day and rejuvenate yourself!

Treat yourself to just one spa day a year to rejuvenate and raise your spirit!

“If I died now, I would be happy!”  These are the words my sister uttered three hours into our spa day experience this past weekend that got me thinking that surely every woman deserves this feeling at least once a year!  Not only did I share the same sentiment, but also wished that the sensation would last forever.  You see, three years ago, my sister and I made a commitment to dedicate one day of the year to the spa (typically Mothers Day weekend in May due to the great spa deals.)  I’m the first to admit that we hardly have tons of money to throw at this kind of luxury, usually associated with celebrities and the well to do, but we feel strongly that it is important for us to recharge our mind, body, and spirit so we can survive the daily stresses of life!

Enjoying the weather while having lunch, a spa day, shop browsing, shopping and people watching.

Beautiful weather for a spa day, shop browsing, window shopping, people watching, and more.

The results have simply been amazing!  We’ve turned our rejuvenating adventure into a full day affair that includes a light lunch, some window shopping (rarely buy anything), people watching, spa, dinner (more people watching), and cocktails.  By spa day’s end, our bodies are detoxed, skins as smooth as a baby’s, faces glowing, smiles abundant, and spirits sky-high!

Dinner, cocktails, people watching after a lovely and rejuvenating spa day.

Rejuvenated sisters enjoying an outdoor dinner at the end of the spa day.

It brings me great joy to share this experience with every woman out there!  Take a day out of your busy schedule working, paying bills, taking care of your families, relationships, or whatever else you do and hang out with your moms, girlfriends or sisters.  I promise you that it will not only make you feel great about yourself and allow you to be a nicer, calmer, and happier person, but also help you to be a better girlfriend, spouse, mother, daughter, sister, aunt or whatever other role you play in your life.

So go ahead, take the plunge…you so deserve it! 🙂

What do you do to feel rejuvenated?  We’d love for you to share.

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  1. Great post! You’ve got me thinking now. I think it’s time for me to schedule my own spa day with my little sister 🙂

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